Wednesday, December 13, 2006

First OPEN Source Workshop in BUET

Yesterday, 12th December, we had first ever Open Source Workshop in BUET. It was held on Microcomputer Lab, 3rd floor, EME Building, from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm long.

BUET CSE Department of Head Dr. Muhammad Masroor Ali gave us the permission to use the Microcomputer lab and allocated a Lab assistant to help us with the arrangement. Without his technical and moral support it was simply impossible to arrange and finish such an effective workshop in BUET. A special thank goes to our sir from all of us.

We also have 4 lecturers from CSE departments in the workshop. Md. Mostofa Ali Patwary, Chowdhury Sayeed Hyder, S.M. Shahriar Nirjon, Md. Abul Hassan Samee. Thanks to them also to inspire us.

In total we have 66 participants. Our Lab was fully occupied and few were standing and sharing chairs.

In the workshop we worked on the view of Open source and basic Linux installing, partitioning the hard disk and few frequent Linux commands. The program started at 2:30 pm sharp.

First, Mustafa Sarwar Nasif started with the basic question what the Open Source is. Then Khaled Mahmud continued the discussion interactively. Few questions came from the audience. And the discussion was up to 3:15 pm. Then Md. Ayub Ali and Sajid started with hard disk partitioning and basic Linux installation problems. After that, few Linux commands were introduced so that new users can easily start with the Linux. And we finished with the C/ C++ compiling and debugging examples for the junior batch of CSE, BUET.

In the last we have announced of an upcoming boot camp after the eid vacation. The date is not fixed yet. The date will be announced soon.

Our BUET OSN yahoo group link:

Thank u everybody in the workshop to make it a successful one. And the enthusiasm showed by all is praise worthy.


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CSE-LAB said...

Its a grate news!It is very important for our country to arrange such event for students basicly for IT students.
Go ahead Bangladesh !