Saturday, September 16, 2006

BUET Graduates in Google: Success stories

Today's guest blogger: Manzurur Rahman Khan (Sidky)
(All opinions/information belong to the Manzurur Rahman Khan)

[Note: In this article, Sidky describes his experience in the Google Code Jam 2006, and his subsequent Internship offer from Google]

From the very beginning, Google Inc. has been the place for the most talented students everywhere. With its expansion, it is looking for more innovative and great minds from different universities all around the world. With its search for inventive people, BUET students have proved that they have what is required to be a Googler.

It all started in August 2006. Just after the ACM ICPC World Finals 2005 in Shanghai, the team members from the world finalist team were invited to visit their Mountain View campus (also known as Googleplex). The team consisted of Mushfiqur Rouf, Abdullah al Mahmud and me, and their coach Mehedy Masud. We participated in open talks about different Google products like Google Sets, Google Map, Google Scholar, GMail, Google Earth, Google File System, Page Indexing and about working environment and ideology in Google. After the 4 day visit, they asked the participants to drop their resume. Later two of us (Abdullah al Mahmud and Mushfiqur Rouf) were offered job as a software engineer. Abdullah al Mahmud was posted in Bangalore. But he had some problems regarding work permit in India and had to cancel the offer. Later he was offered job in Microsoft. He is expected to join there next year.

Again, in this year, in April, Google India arranged a programming contest Google India Code Jam. There, three students from BUET (Ishtiaque Ahmed, Sabbir Yousuf and Me) participated. There we were ranked 20 th, 22 nd and 9 th, respectively. Later after the contest, I applied for internship and had an interview. I was offered internship from May 2006 to July 2006. But, due to academic reasons, I was unable to take that offer.

Again, after the World Finals 2006, in San Antonio, Google’s quest for talent continued with the talk with all the World Finalist teams in their different Offices. This time, Istiaque Ahmed, Omar Haider Chowdhury and I, visited their Bangalore office. A team from Dhaka University has participated the talk as well. They gave lectures on Google Finance, Working environment and their methodology. Later on, 2 members from BUET team and 3 members from Dhaka University team applied for full time employment. In their interviews, they asked different analytical questions, and questions about web caching, operating systems, and different other aspects of computer science, and engineering. 2 members from DU team has been offered job, others are yet to get reply. Besides the BUET world finalist team, a graduate from BUET, Md. Sajjad Hossain, who participated in 2006 World Finals from Stony Brook University of New York, is completing in internship in Google, in USA.

Nowadays, performance in programming contests and ICPC’s are becoming more and more important to the IT giants. They are even arranging the contests to find talented programmers. I think it’s time for everyone to think of the contests seriously. It will definitely increase their opportunity, enrich their CV’s and flourish their brilliance.